What we will do as Teachers

Lesson Planning

We will provide a fun and effective lesson every week that utilizes a variety of engaging activities.  Every week, we will review key concepts, introduce new concepts, and lay the groundwork for future lessons.  Each lesson will address core music skills such as reading, technic, performance, theory, musicianship, playing by ear, and improvisation.

Repertoire Selection

We will select music that the student can successfully complete in a reasonable amount of time.  The music will be selected to include a variety of styles and stylistic genres.  Some pieces may be a little more difficult to challenge the student to learn new skills and practice strategies.


We will be honest in our assessment of a student’s week to week preparation.  We will praise every accomplishment and congratulate every achievement.  We have high musical standards, and will help the student meet these standards with constructive criticism that honors the hard-work of the student while encouraging further refinement in technic, musicianship, and creative expression.


We will communicate our assessments of the student’s progress with the student and the parent.  We will listen carefully to the concerns of the student and parent, and will make every effort to be prompt in responding to phone calls and emails.

Complete Musicianship

We will address all areas of musicianship that promote meaningful creative expression for the performer and audience.  This includes music theory, music history, and elements of performance practice.

Promote Independent Learning

Our goal is to help our students learn how to learn.  Music at the piano can be a life-long pursuit, and should continue long after the last piano lesson.  At-home assignments will include an appropriate amount of material that the student will learn on their own.

Equip to Explore

Real learning happens when a student becomes curious about music, and decides to investigate that music on their own.  We will equip our students with the skills necessary to explore music of their choosing on their own.  These skills include music reading, ear training, playing by ear, and improvisation.

Encourage Creativity 

Above all, we want our students to have the ability to express themselves through music.  This expression can happen with the standard classical repertoire, more current popular genres, or in original improvisation or composition.