A Student’s Role in Promoting Success

Punctual Attendance

Show up on time to each and every lesson with all materials and a positive attitude.


Practice at least 5 days a week for the minimum required time for your class. Always practice the day of the lesson (even if its just a few minutes afterward) and the day after the lesson. Practicing on these days will ensure that concepts introduced and reviewed in the lesson will be retained and utilized as practicing continues during the week.


Review the assignment before leaving the lesson to make sure everything is understood. During practice sessions, make sure to practice every item included on the assignment sheet. ALL assignments are important and crucial to musical development.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask questions during lessons. We want you to understand concepts, assignments, and expectations.

Explore and Create

We hope that you will feel confident in your abilities to explore the music you like and to create music on your own.   Remember that it is OKAY to experiment with the music your are practicing.  Feel free to change, re-order, or add-to any of your music.  Share your changes with us.  We want to hear them!

We also hope that you will want to explore your favorite music on the radio.  We love it when students have learned to play a melody from a popular song by ear, or have purchased sheet music to learn.

Finally, feel free to write your own music!  We will be delighted to help you with notation and composition.  If it helps, make up some lyrics for your songs to help remind you of the tune.


When you share with other students, they will learn from you, and you will learn from them. We learn the most from others when everyone is open, encouraging and supportive. So, feel free to shine!

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