Course Offerings

We have piano lessons for beginners, elementary, intermediate, and advanced pianists.

Beginning Students

Beginners (generally first year students) meet for one hour.  Group lessons are a fun, fast paced variety of activities that alternate between off-the-bench activities and semi-private instruction at the piano.  With multiple activities, we can keep the student engaged with the lesson, and provide several different ways of explaining and experiencing musical concepts.  This approach recognizes the different learning styles and personalities of our students.

Curious about our piano lesson structure?  Read more about Group Lessons and Semi-Private Lessons at Conklin Studios.

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Elementary Students

Elementary Students (typically 2nd and 3rd year of instruction) meet for one hour.  Our lesson structure is similar to the beginner lesson in that we alternate between active, off-the-bench activities and semi-private lessons at the keyboard.  Elementary students receive more one-on-one time in the semi-private lesson, and on occasion, one student will work with the teacher one-on-one while the other engages with computer assisted learning of music theory, music history, and ear-training.

Intermediate and Advanced Students

Intermediate (4th year and beyond) probably need a more traditional approach when it comes to piano lessons.  With more difficult (and longer) repertoire, it is more important to have significant one-on-one time with the teacher.

However, we still believe passionately in the group lesson paradigm.  It is important for young musicians to have the opportunity to meet and learn with other students at their age and ability.  From experience, we can tell you that pianists spend enough time alone!  Intermediate and Advanced students are required to register for group lessons.  We realize that this represents an additional commitment in time, but believe you will find it well worth it.

Already have a piano teacher?  

Great!  We know several wonderful teachers in the area, and are glad that you have developed that special relationship in your musical studies.

You can still come to our intermediate or advanced group classes!

We see our intermediate and advanced classes as a complement to private instruction.  In our classes, you will learn new ways to explore your creative instincts, receive excellent instruction in music theory and ear-training, discover play-by-ear strategies, and express yourself through improvisation.  Our intermediate and advanced group classes may be just what you need to help you place higher in local festivals and competitions.

We are happy to work with your private teacher to address any areas where you might want some additional help.  We provide non-compete agreements with your teacher, assuring them that we have no intention of ‘stealing’ you away from them.

If you’re interested, talk to your teacher and have them contact us.  We would be delighted to share our expertise with you!