What People are Saying…

“I appreciate your approach of teaching not only the music/instrument but how to understand rhythm and beat.  At first we didn’t quite understand your approach and how your class was structured.  In my opinion, you undersell your services when the parent doesn’t know all the wonderful things you are doing and accomplishing!  We are pleased with our daughter’s progress.  Thank you for you efforts and hard work!” ~ Sandra, mother of beginner student at Mountain Road Elementary.

“Would I recommend your piano classes to a friend?  FOR SURE!!!” ~ Ann, mother of beginner student at Mountain Road Elementary.

“Dear Mrs. Conklin, It has been my pleasure to spend time with you learning the piano. It is still only my first year and I can already play more difficult songs like: Daybreak in the Canyon, Ceremonial, Peasant Dance, Twister, and many more! You helped me with guild and I think I was great and did a good job. 50% it was me, 60% it was you. I will continue in my musical life of piano and other instruments! Thanks!” ~ Nicholas, Age 11.

“Thank you very much for teaching Nicole and Gemma piano. They have learned so much under your instruction! In addition to lessons, I appreciate the opportunities you provided for participating in piano guild, IMTA festival, and performances both formal and casual. You are kind and sweet… ” ~ Colleen, mother of 2 piano students

“Thank you for teaching me all the knowledge you had for me. For the kindness you have shown me. Thank you for making me smart. Thank you for all your hard work to help me. You have always been my favorite piano teacher, and you always will be.  Thanks.” ~ Kira, age 11

 “You are the best teacher in the whole world. I love piano.  Thank you.” ~ Danielle, age 5

“Thank you for being a cool piano teacher. I love you so much. You rock! You are the best.” ~ Morgan, age 8

“Thank you so, so much for being a fabulous piano teacher. You have altered my life in so many positive ways. Through your guidance, I have truly become an artist.” ~ Emma, age 12

“Made learning piano very fun.  The classroom environment was always comfortable for me.  This was a very low stress class.” ~ College Sophomore

“Dr. Conklin is the bomb!  Awesome class, probably what I look forward to every Monday.  I wish I had more than one lesson a week!” ~ College Senior

“You have been a fantastic piano professor!  Thank you for the large strides you have helped my piano skills accomplish.  You make learning and playing a joy!  I have found myself playing more and more and falling in love with it.  Thank you, Coach!  Excuse me, DR. Coach.”  ~ College Sophomore

“Dr. Conklin made piano way more fun than I think anyone could have made it and at the same time made us learn so much.”  ~ College Sophomore

“Thank you so much for a fabulous year.  You are a wonderful teacher.”  ~ College Sophomore